Alternative to Exclusion

ACE currently runs a number of support programmes for schools, the Exclusion Alternative Package has been added to address the need to place young people who have been given a fixed term exclusion and is in response to both:

  • Ofsted’s requirements for both “personal development, behaviour and welfare and outcomes for pupils” as part of the Common Inspection Framework (CIF)
  • Government pressures to reduce the number of both fixed term exclusions and permanent exclusions.

Norfolk has one of the highest rates of permanent exclusions nationally, of which 59% were due to “persistent disruptive behaviour”, putting immense pressure on our schools. Likewise, fixed term exclusions also present challenges to Norfolk schools, where 6613 days of education were lost in academic year 2014/15.

Research states that “Poor behaviour in classrooms may mark other social and emotional issues and impact on the young person’s ability to learn” (Taylor, 2012). Likewise, the relationship between learning and discipline is paramount and while our local schools are working hard to support disruptive young people in school this can sometimes be to the detriment of other students.

This package is designed to provide a balance between sanction and reflection, working closely with the school to support the student to understand the reason for their exclusion and the impact their behaviour has on others within the school.

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