Early Interventions for year 7 & 8

Academic Year 2016/17- Designed for students in years 7, 8 & 9

Something different, based on our experience from our 2015/16 pilots, this intervention is about early investment in developing growth and positive behaviour in younger students.

The B-2-B programme is design to revisit the basics of empathy and responsibility, which in turn will support the development of positive behaviours. Research shows that during the transition from primary to secondary school, some students struggle to gauge new boundaries and environment changes. While many students cope with these changes and adapt to their new learning experiences, others find it more difficult to meet the expectations set in secondary school.

B-2-B provides a platform for success, working in small groups students learn how to problem solve, resolve conflict and take responsibility for their actions, while understanding how their actions affect others. Teamwork, communication, confidence building and goal setting activities delivered in our practical vocational training centre enable the students to think about their future educational needs.