Student Rescue package

Do you have year 10 students who won’t make the grade?

This package is designed to support schools where students have become disengaged in a certain subject or subjects, become disruptive and put a strain on the subject teacher and the other students in the class?

The Student Rescue Package can turn a negative into a positive by using ACE’s vocational GCSE equivalents, which allow these students to excel in a more active mode of learning while gaining valuable skills for their future alongside progress 8 points.

Examples of students who would gain from this programme include:

  • Student A, who is failing at history, could be due to moving schools or missed lessons which in turn has put them behind.
  • Student B, is not interested in learning French, their lack of interest has made them disruptive which is interrupting other students’ learning.
  • Student C, is low ability has some social issues and although not disruptive you have a good idea they are not going to achieve GCSE level C or above
  • Student D, is a practical learner is interested in either engineering, construction or catering and hospitality, their predicted year 10 scores are low and or off target for their progress 8 attainment predicted scores.

** Click here to download the information ———> student-rescue-package-2016-2017-flyer **