Callum moves onto college

Callum was in year 11 when he came to ACE, he had completely disengaged and was starting to get into trouble in and out of school.  When he first came to ACE he was a very angry and unhappy young man, he could see no future for himself and didn’t see the point of education.  His specialist tutor negotiated a way forward with him and through a programme of intervention and one-to-one support he was gradually integrated into the group. He was clearly a bright young man who had lost his way.  By week 4 he was fully engaged with his programme, had full attendance throughout and left ACE at the end of his course with a Level 1 Diploma in Vocational Studies which included employability skills, construction, sport and leisure, catering and travel and tourism in addition to his IMIAL level 1 certificate in service and maintenance engineering.

During this time his attendance at school improved and the school provided him with specialist support to concentrate on his English and maths.  As time went on he became a support for other students helping them to raise their standards of work.  Lou Gardiner, Managing Director of ACE said “The most incredible thing for me was a conversation that I had with him where he had a light bulb moment and told me that he suddenly felt so much more grown up than his peers at school, we had all noticed it but now he recognised it himself and felt like a young adult.”

Callum is now at Great Yarmouth College studying on a full time course in motor vehicle technology.