Case Study – Jessica T

I have been a trainee at ACE since September 2013. I started off coming just 1 day a week but I found myself achieving more here than I did at school. I now attend ACE 3 days a week and study Travel and Tourism, Art and Design and Childcare. At ACE you are treated more like adults and are respected for being yourself. I feel the teachers are more understanding and want you to do well and gain qualifications and therefore will do all they can to help.

The activities that are carried out in class are fun and the learning is done in a way where you do not really know you are learning. There are more activities and games to learning rather than just writing.

I feel I have settled down in my life since I have attended ACE and learnt how to manage my troubles better. The ACE team have helped me with strategies for learning, but they have also helped me with everyday life.

I wish I could have gone to ACE along time ago as I am now coming up to leaving school. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jess T – YR11