New schools programme off to a successful start

World of Work – Primary School initiative

ACE has just begun delivering a new aspirational programme in Primary Schools within the Norwich Opportunity Area. The World of Work programme has been designed for Primary School children, giving them inspiration for their future career choices and providing positive aspirations within the world of work. Research shows that children consider, and more importantly disregard, career pathways at a very early age. By engaging in activities that provoke discussions around vocational aspirations and getting the chance to meet a wide range of people doing different jobs, children within the Norwich Opportunity Area are encouraged to widen their perceptions and challenge vocational gender stereotypes. The session included a number of hands-on child friendly activities that represented different vocational sectors including catering, construction, nursing/paramedics, transportation, banking and sport/leisure. Feedback from the pupils and the school staff was positive and we look forward to delivering similar events in other schools in the coming weeks. If you would like to get involved and could give the next generation of our countries workforce some career ideas or guidance, please call us and speak to Chris, Lanie or Veronica.

Cheryl discusses foreign currency and banking
Pupils at the school try their hand at CPR
Cupcake making with Lauren Meachen
Tutor, Nat Porter, talks to the students about Health & Safety in Construction