16-19 year olds

Training for 16  to 19 year olds

ACE has a proven track record in delivering education and training to young people within this cohort, in the past we have ran courses in partnerships with the collages. We have previously specialised in the delivery of accredited vocational qualifications  as well as offering personal and social development and employability skills. For the past 2 academic years(2013/14, 2014/15) we have been concentrating on working with school aged young people. However, now that we have extended and developed our facilities can have capacity to deliver additional training for young people.

ACE’s Community Challenge

An 8 week course for unemployed 16-30 year olds

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 Active ACE – NEET Provision in Norfolk

Active ACE is a new project to support young people into education, apprenticeships or traineeships.  Would you benefit from additional activities over the summer to help make the move onto college or an apprenticeship easier?

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Looking for partners to delivery vocational training for Young NEETS