ACE, as an alternative education provider, offers a number of different schools’ programs to suit the needs of your learners. For all primary schools in Norfolk, including those within the Norwich Opportunity Area, we offer a range of age-appropriate programs for Key Stage 2. Provision for this age group is more effective with short, targeted interventions rather than whole year packages but are able to adapt our provision for various scenarios, depending on the needs of the child/ren and the school.

The programme will help children set clear boundaries and achieve consistency within their behaviour management. ACE will support them to respond to setbacks, develop problem solving mechanisms, practice self-regulation and develop emotional intelligence.

The uniqueness of these courses is rooted in the expertise of our qualified staff in changing behaviour, as well as our vocational facility. We consult with the school throughout the programme and we welcome parent input. A full written summary and post-programme evaluation will be supplied to the school when the programme finishes

We also offer workshop sessions from 1 hour to 1 day within our World of Work programme, which focuses on giving children early inspiration for their futures, with a range of fun activities and hands-on projects.

We welcome telephone or email enquiries.

If you would like to refer a young person to ACE, please use the forms below:

  1. Guidance
  2. Pre-placement Visit Record
  3. Initial Referral and Admissions Form
  4. Pre-placement Baseline for Pupils
  5. Learner Code of Conduct Agreement
  6. Progress Visit Record
  7. Mid or End of Placement Evaluation

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Short Courses

Flying Start

The Flying Start programme is to help children who are struggling with the transition to Secondary School and need support.