Calling all local employers… Help US to shape YOUR future!

Our students may go on to be YOUR employees one day. Help us by getting involved. We are always looking for employers who are ready and willing to give a learner some work experience; or to show a group of students around the workplace, to get a feel for what different industries have to offer; or to come to ACE and give a short talk on what makes a good employee or what you might look for on a CV. If you have an hour to spare and want to shape the employees YOU want to see applying for your jobs in the future, give us a call. If you can spare some time today, the benefits will be reaped tomorrow – by helping to prepare our students for employment in the real world!

We also run a wide range of projects for the unemployed, so are always looking for employers with a social conscience willing to give someone an opportunity to get back into the workplace.  If you have job vacancies coming up and would be willing to give a project participant a chance, we can help ensure they have the right skills and attitudes, and support them during the first important few weeks in their new role. Give our projects team a call on 01603 720308.